Soccer Coaching For Beginners



Upon reporting the presence of the orcs to the village elders, the other farmers thanked the wood elf for protecting their lands with gifts of vegetables and herbs.

The elders deliberated late into the night. The elders discussion was centred on the origin of the orcs and why they were in Pinewood Forest. The forest has not been seen the orc race in its woods for centuries.

The decision was made to explore the forest for further evidence of the orcs as the village elders fear the two orcs could be a part of a larger orc tribe.

In a humble village of farmers, strength and bravery is scarce. To get help from neighbouring lands would take days of travel just to raise the alarm.  Arakhor was elected by the elders to conduct the search. He has become familiar with the forest as he often visits other villages to trade wares. He was spend hours in the woods researching animals and developing his skills with a bow as part of his training to become a ranger and join the Seldarine, ‘The Fellowship of Brothers and Sisters of the Wood’.


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